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Lori Morrison, Co-Producer of the LGBT Wellness Summit

After working in international finance and starting her own successful, Latin American business, Lori Morrison’s life took a sharp turn when she realized the importance of her mystical, spiritual gifts. As a life coach, spiritual counselor, healer and psychic intuitive, she now uses her gifts to help clients all over the world. Particularly, she assists those who have experienced trauma, grief, mental health disorders and the soul searching that gender identity involves. Lori uses cutting-edge, sacred science and ancient shamanic healing methods to sort out the layers of the human experience. She is a “concierge” to building a deeper connection between the mind, body and soul. Lori’s soon to be released book, Lori: The Disintegration of My Ordinary Reality, is a memoir that describes her spiritual awakening, and lessons about life and death. You can learn more about Lori at her website, LoriMorrison.com.


Lisa Moore, Founder, Co-Producer and Co-Host of the LGBT Wellness Summit

Lisa has been a life consultant for the past 18 years, helping clients realize their own magnificence. She has several certifications, including a doctorate in divinity, and is also a hypnotherapist, intuitive and channel/healer. Lisa’s depth of knowledge, warmth of heart and experience in the physical and nonphysical worlds provides the foundation for her profoundly transformational sessions, classes and retreats. Her son’s addiction and psychosis led her on a journey into the world of alternative healing and nutrition that she applies to her work today. Lisa has recently completed an inspirational self-help book for the LGBT community. She currently resides with her partner of 5 years in Arizona, USA. Lisa teaches and offers retreats throughout the world. Learn more about Lisa at her website, LisaMooreLGBT.com.


Rev Rick Shaffer, Co-Host of the LGBT Wellness Summit

After 25 years in radio/TV broadcasting, Rev Rick graduated from Central Theological Seminary in Kansas, Magna Cum Laude, with a Master of Divinity degree. After serving as a pastor at several churches, he expanded the Unity Consciousness movement by taking his practice beyond organized religion to reach all people, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. He now teaches this new spiritual technology to groups and individuals. Rev Rick can be reached through his website, QuickStartMeditation.com.

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